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BFH Unit: #40160082 , Lv: 81
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Unit are unique character, originated from BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES. Pick your unit and compete in the BFH world! The unit type of this asset is War Girl Ophelia. You can use this after you transfer it to the game from "Assets" < "Unit List" <...

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1 of 5886
51% have this trait
Art Skill
Seraph Grace
1 of 1874
16% have this trait
Brave Burst
Grass Cage
1 of 62
0.54% have this trait
1 of 1846
16% have this trait
Type Name
War Girl Ophelia
1 of 62
0.54% have this trait
subjectAbout Brave Frontier Heroes
BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES will use Ethereum to manage the ownership of the game assets. Units (Character) and Spheres (Equipment) are ERC-721 tokens. You can get digital assets by quests or as a reward of PvP events. Of course, they can be traded in marketplace like OpenSea.
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