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This is the digital original twin of the original analog painting "Play more".

Play more is a part of my "Pink as an Experiment" collection on OpenSea.

The collection is an artistic experiment with colors, feelings, and words but also with technology. This is my first attempt to create digital, tokenized, blockchain originals of my paintings.

I scanned Play more and created a single digital token that contains the scan and gives the token holder access to collectors package that includes:

  • original high-resolution scan
  • scan of the back of the painting
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • renders of the painting staged
  • render of the printing framed
  • lower resolution scan (for posting on a website, sharing on social media, etc.)

The analog original is a 40x30 cm / 15.7x11.8in acrylic on archival paper. The first collector who buys the digital tokenized original will receive the analog original painting for free (they only have to cover shipping costs from San Diego, California).

This way the collector will be able to enjoy the analog original on their wall and have the digital original in their wallet. My intention is for the digital and analog (the "twins") to stay together and I expect they will be more valuable kept and sold together.

There will only be one digital original of Play more in existence, just like there will only exist one analog, "real-world" painting.

Details, including photos and staging on my website: Play more

My Instagram: @abaciaart

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Artists are expected to have a specific style. Art galleries love it. This way you are a safe sale. But this never made sense to me. One of the major joys I find in being an artist is exploration and play. Plus, I don't know about you, but I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago so why would I want to paint the same way I did then? As I was feeling particularly rebellious one week, I decided that I would paint in several different styles, with all of those styles sharing a specific color. I chose pink. Pink is typically thought of as a very feminine color. I wondered whether I could make it feel grungy, modern, sophisticated, or anything else other than just feminine. These are the paintings that resulted from this experiment.

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