The Ancient Art of Cat Yoga.
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The Cat Yoga Pre-paid phonecard was issued in August of 1996. It was featured in the MoneyCard Collectors catalog and each phonecard is an individually numbered limited edition collectible with only 2,500 in existance. This particular phonecard was recreated and made into an acrylic painting by James Earl Ray, while he was dying in a maximum security prison in Nashville, Tennessee. The painting is featured in the book JAMES EARL RAY - THE LAST DAYS of INMATE # 65477 by Michael Gabriel on page #331. It was completed after Jimmy died on April 23, 1998 after the warden refused to allow his physician to perform a life saving liver transplant. In one of the strangest coincidences ever, after my book was published, I was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma and my life was saved when I had the liver transplant operation that James Earl Ray was not allowed to have. For the record, Coretta Scott King filed a civil suit against one of the conspirators who helped to assassinate her husband, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She WON HER CASE when the jury ruled in her favor after proving that James Earl Ray was framed for a crime that he did not commit.

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My name is Michael Gabriel and I am the stand up comedian - performance artist who created the Ancient Art of Cat Yoga close to 40 years ago. I was awarded a Patent/Trademark in Feb 1995. Cat Yoga was always intended to be comedic entertainment for feline obsessed individuals like myself. For most of my life I have taken care of any feral, stray and homeless cats I encountered. A photograph of my double-jointed cat Truffles was the inspiration for the Ancient Art of Cat Yoga. I told the media how I spent 8 years in the Cat Yoga Temples of Tibet studying to be a Sensei-Master of the Ancient Art of Cat Yoga. The Globe tabloid printed a full page story about my Cat Yoga school. I moved to Nashville, Tenn for a year and visited Ray in prison for 150 hour long visits . I wrote a book documenting how he was framed for a crime he did not commit, the assassination of Dr.King. The title - JAMES EARL RAY - THE LAST DAYS OF INMATE # 65477 by Michael Gabriel. FIFTY PER CENT goes to charity.

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