The First 1/1 NFT Movie +50% Streaming Revenue Share
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Created by zachlona

A CRYPTID MYSTERY MOCKUMENTARY: A cult, a cop, and a mystic embark on a psychedelic journey in search of a mysterious cryptid known as the "Hidden Man."

HE WHO LIVES IN HIDDEN LAKES is trailblazing the future of Hollywood by releasing as history's first true NFT movie. Included is 1) a unique physical fine art edition featuring the only lossless version of the film available, and 2) 50% of Eleusinian Productions' gross streaming revenue during ownership!


Collecting this historic artwork means:

  1. • You will receive a beautiful 1/1 physical token including: A USB drive containing the one true lossless, full-resolution, surround sound copy of the film with an NFT lead card | An Blu-ray copy of the film in a custom handmade steelbook | Certificate of authenticity with token ID | Archival-quality poster print signed by the lead cast and director

  2. You will be the one who brings it to the world! Where's the fun if only one person can see it? Once the token is sold, we'll begin to be make the movie available on streaming services. Until then, it will never be publicly available online. Owner(s) will also receive exclusive access to future drops & gifts in the Hidden Lakes Metaverse.

  3. You are entitled to 50% of Eleusinian Productions' gross streaming revenue during your ownership! Of course, this is an important job and you should get paid for it! We are entirely self-financed, so you start earning as soon as people start watching. If you re-sell the token, this perk will transfer to the new owner.

This artwork is perfect for:

  1. • Lovers of fun, weird, high-quality independent films
  2. • Collectors who want to own a piece of cinema history
  3. • Collectors who can leverage a large audience to maximize their revenue share
  4. • Buyers who wish to re-sell the token to those with large audiences

Before placing your bid:

  1. • Use the "website" link (or visit to watch our pitch video.
  2. • Email [email protected] for a private screener of the full movie, and to read the sales contract which guarantees your rights.
  3. • Be aware that ownership of this artwork does not include any intellectual property or copyrights to the original movie itself.

By owning this piece, you will be the inception of a Metaverse-native franchise with that we will be building for years to come.

© Eleusinian Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

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A FEATURE ADVENTURE-MOCKUMENTARY: The fanatic beliefs of an internet mystic, a cult leader, and a rookie cop gone rogue are tested on the hunt for the "Hidden Man" -- an elusive forest-dwelling cryptid that terrorizes their idyllic suburb.

HE WHO LIVES IN HIDDEN LAKES is the first-ever feature film released exclusively as a unique non-fungible token. The collector who owns the NFT receives a gorgeous 1/1 physical edition of the film, and is entitled to 50% of the Eleusinian Productions' gross streaming revenue during their ownership. If the NFT is re-sold, this perk will transfer to the new owner.

This is the first movie minted and released as the single, unique, one-of-a-kind fine artwork that it is, while also pioneering a completely new distribution model. Own a veritable piece of cinema and crypto history!

This storefront will also host merch drops and exclusive digital collectibles surrounding the psychedelic, cryptographic world of HIDDEN LAKES.

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